Valentina combines charm and beauty with all the practicality you need in a cot - growing and developing in tune with your child.

It has two positions for the mattress: a higher position to suit a newborn and a lower position for those over six months before they get ready to make the leap to a 'grown up' bed. Whether they will want to leave is another matter as it’s all too easy to fall in love with this adorable piece.

Created in an oval-shaped to provide gently curved surroundings, one side of the cot is removable so your little one can start learning to climb in and out of bed. Once the big bed arrives, Valentina can be made into the perfect little sofa.

Your child appears to have been eaten by an elephant. But one with gold-tipped tusks and a very snazzy pedicure, so we reckon there are worse places to end up

– Mariella Tandy in Tatler Magazine, October 2013



Width: 74cm/29"

Length: 126cm/49"

Prices on request.

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