Workshop Visit in Southern Europe

I’ve had an amazing time seeing my characters come to life from my new workshop in Southern Europe

Seeing the colours being matched up and my family of animals being carved and given new life have been among the highlights of my trip.

I was especially excited to see my loveable elephant Jacinto being formed into a smaller trunk in a lighter material, and seeing my own Anaiza logo produced in gold leaf really set my pulse racing!

I’ve had a fantastic time on the next step of the Anaiza journey. Making the prototypes in Ecuador was an exotic and amazing experience but it just wasn’t feasible to continue production so far away. It’s such a way to go to see production in action and the shipping to Europe is too expensive.

So although Ecuador will always be very special to me, after a lot of research I found this amazing workshop in Southern Europe. It still has that exotic feeling but less flying time and my animal family somehow feel closer and well looked after!

I took lots of photos of my visit, I hope you enjoy the process as much as I did.