Exhibition: What is Luxury?

Ever since I came up with the concept for Anaiza, my life has revolved around one word - luxury

As craftspeople, we are always focused on using the finest materials and providing the best finishes to create the ultimate in children's furniture.

And the L word has stayed in my head as we work to create our new character - a monkey called Mr. Nilsson - always striving to ensure he is the perfect blend of character, charm and craftsmanship.

So imagine our surprise when we came across the exhibition “What is Luxury” at the V&A where we found a monkey almost exactly like ours but covered in Swarovski diamonds, made by Studio job, a Dutch Belgian couple known for their limitless way of creating the universe through art.

We are all craftspeople to some extent, investing time and skill into our creations, and leaving no stone unturned to ensure the customer falls in love with what we do.

So although Mr. Nilsson won't be covered in bling, it is always good to know we are following the same ideas and values as the best of the best!