It's Important to Stay True to Traditions

​There is nothing more important to us at Anaiza than creating the very best quality furniture

We recently visited the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition, which underlines the importance of sticking with the old traditions to get the best results. Just like Decorex International’s recent theme of Making Luxury, this struck a chord with us.

The story of Louis Vuitton started when he decided, aged 16, to become a trunk master. In 1886 George Vuitton came up with a genius lock, which soon transformed travel trunks into real treasure trunks.

The exhibition takes you on a journey through Louis Vuitton, combining past, present and future. The past inspired the present and the present combined with the past creates the future, it really is fascinating.

A 360 degrees tour takes you through the workshop where the empire started, then on through time to the making of the first legendary trunk for Albert Kahn – a photographer who asked Vuitton to create a trunk especially for his photo equipment while he would be travelling the world. This trunk was a big inspiration for the current Petite Malle bag.

You also see real life artisans working on the Petite Malle bag, which was truly amazing and put me in mind of our own artisans working to create our unique Anazia pieces.