Move over mums, dads want to come too!

It was a big day for Anaiza back in February when we officially launched our unique collection of furniture to the Press

Lots of people from all over London came along to the launch which was held at one of our London stockists, Babylist in Fulham.

We also had a lot of follow up from journalists to our story about dads wanting more involvement in the shopping process, particularly when it came to the statement pieces.

Fathers are certainly much more involved in recent years and actually have a good eye for the key pieces that make all the difference in a nursery, I told them.

Anita Worlidge, founder of Fulham-based concierge service Babylist, agreed.

With a legendary reputation that has seen more than its fair share of celebrity clients, Babylist combines the best products available on the market with years of experience in matching this to each parents’ budget.

Anita says We have dads who walk in, place two mobile phones on the table and then say they’ve only got 10 minutes. Yet they quickly become engaged when it comes to deciding on what to buy for the baby and often spend more than two hours with us.