Interview with Diana Kaganova from Keech Green

We caught up with Diana Kaganova who works at one of London’s most luxury interior design practices.

1. Were you always interested in design?

I was always inspired in design and architecture, so I’m glad it has turned out to be my career now.

2. What inspires you today?

To be honest, I get my inspiration everyday. It can be a design magazine, an artistic decoration on a shop window display, an unexpected online article that I come across, an art or design exhibition (for example I went to see the wildlife photography of the year this weekend) or new suppliers that bring along new collections.

3. Where do you like to hang out in your spare time when you’re switching off and relaxing?

I personally really enjoy traveling around Europe when I have a free weekend, something like a city escape. There is always a town or countryside to explore, with unique cuisine, fascinating views, beautiful architecture; it’s easy to see why I get inspired every day.

When I’m in London, I am normally catching up with my friends for brunch or dinner and stroll around new exhibitions. There is always so much to see in London.

4. Who are your favourite designers currently working in the industry?

Jean Louis Deniot, Thomas Pheasant and D.Mlinaric.

5. What exciting new projects do you have on the horizon?

We have lovely projects in Italy and Monaco. We have already developed the concept, which our client liked, so we are going to start progressing on the detailing further this year.

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