Anaiza and Pepa & Co joining forces

Two London businesswomen have joined forces after discovering a mutual passion running through their handcrafted and sourced goods for children

Kyra Algazi, founder of nursery specialists Anaiza, and Pepa Gonzalez, of independent children’s clothing brand Pepa & Co, have teamed up to share their mutual African inspiration.

The two dynamic entrepreneurs will now be showcasing their works together at Pepa & Co’s concept store in Fulham.

Kyra set up Anaiza, which makes unique handcrafted pieces for the nursery, after becoming frustrated following a fruitless search for something out of the ordinary to bring her own daughter’s nursery to life.

Inspired by breathtaking trips to Tanzania, Kyra has brought her love of the safari into the home with her statement pieces of children’s furniture.

Pepa, on the other hand fell in love with Kenya after spending time there with her husband’s family. He grew up on the plains with lions and elephants almost as pets. She took inspiration from the children and the vibrant colours they wear and so Samburu Designs was born.
Now every morning women in the Samburu tribe hand-embroider jean pockets for the Pepa & Co Kenya Jeans range using sustainable materials and ancient craftsmanship techniques.

Kyra, at Anaiza, said: “We quickly discovered we had a mutual love of all things African. We have both spent time there and fell in love with the people, the wildlife and the vibrancy.

As we are both in the market to provide quality goods for children, to help enhance their lives and offer them something a bit different, it made sense that we joined forces".

Anaiza’s unique pieces will provide the perfect backdrop to Pepa’s handpicked clothing.

Both businesses have remembered their roots with Kyra and Pepa raising money for charitable projects which are emotionally linked to their efforts.

Kyra has donated one of her Valentina carved elephant heads which will be auctioned later this summer with proceeds going to help The Elephant Family’s work in reclaiming the elephant corridors in the Kaziranga Landscape of Assam.

Profits from the sale of Kenya jeans at Pepa & Co go towards education projects in the Samburu National Reserve and each pair provides Samburu women with work and a salary that allows them to hold on to their traditions and lifestyle. It also improves their quality of life by giving them and their children access to food, education and health.

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